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Re: Sunnivagon

Postby meggles » 09 Nov 2013, 18:30

Really glad to hear you all got out in the 'family' van. How was Beamish? I've been meaning to go for years but never got around to it. We'll see you Thursday Helen. But if Chris gets broody.............. :roll:
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Re: Sunnivagon

Postby LittleMissSunshine » 09 Nov 2013, 19:28


Van was great, just need to sort the seatbelt so I'm not stuck in the back :D it had trouble starting but we haven't used it for 6 weeks or so, but once she kicked in she was brilliant.

Beamish is absolutely brilliant, a great day out. Loads going on, get yourself there!

See you Thursday :-) :ok
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Re: Sunnivagon

Postby Asw » 09 Nov 2013, 19:36

Beamish is the best.
I first went there almost 40 years ago :cry: and we have taken our kids a few times now.
When I first went they let you ride on the footplates of their trains. and the big steam shovel that is siting almost forgotten was in seam :!:
Iron bridge is good but if your from the North East it has to be Beamish...
Ultimately, are we not all air cooled?
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Re: Sunnivagon

Postby Mark Foss » 10 Nov 2013, 20:50

Nice to hear you have been out and about Helen and found the van handy to change and feed the baby in. Think we could organise a few mini meets around places like Beamish or Eden Camp. Not been myself for around 35 years or so!

P.S. Jeff has removed a seatbelt fitting from his van ready to fit into yours sometime :ok
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Re: Sunnivagon

Postby LittleMissSunshine » 11 Nov 2013, 10:48

Great. Let me know which weekends you'll be at Jeff's in November/dec and I'll get parts ordered :ok

You're both fab :D
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Re: Sunnivagon

Postby Cyrus » 15 Apr 2015, 12:24

Only just found this thread. Great work MM.
How did you align the trailing arm mounting so the wheel alignment is correct?
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Re: Sunnivagon

Postby Plasticman » 15 Apr 2015, 12:40

Funny but I keep dropping hints ref, this when I see it done and most folk seem to sort of fit it in the same place!!!!!
You really have to build a simple jig for each side arm and bolt this to the existing mounts and body plus a 3rd ref then cit it all away and bolt new mount to jig and carry on ,this way you 99% certain its in the correct position to take factory adjustments in the future as/ if needed
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Re: Sunnivagon

Postby Wallopadonkey » 15 Jul 2015, 22:17

Do you have any pics of this mount jig I've pm'd you about my t4 mount cheers really interested!
I honestly cannot believe your skill!
I've done mot welding for years and nearly all my work is 'just stick a patch on as cheap as you can for mot' mate so that's what I do I have made nice curved panels with return flanges but always find them hit and miss, I am not using the correct thought process and technique.
I have loved reading this
Hats off sir well and truly doffed!!!
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Re: Sunnivagon

Postby jhobson » 19 Aug 2016, 15:52

Great info Micky. Wish I'd found MM threads before I started my 'project' ... page1.html. Maybe I can try and do the other side properly.
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