valuation and insurers for 1986 Syncro

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valuation and insurers for 1986 Syncro

Postby syncro4us » 10 Dec 2019, 15:47

Been here many times for parts but now I am looking for a certificated valuation from a club etc for our recently restored 1986 LHDrive Original Westfalia Joker 2.1 petrol Syncro Pop Top
that belonged to the UK German Embassey and was well maintained by them

Make VW Syncro with Factory Westfalia camper conversion NOT after market
Engine replaced in Germany in 1999 and still runs / pulls well burns little oil and is a 2.1 Petrol which has an LPG conversion since 2006 which we have driven all over Europe and the Baltic.
Diff Locks on rear and front gear boxes / differentials
New BG Goodrich tyres
Propex heater
new pop top tent to be installed in 2020 in the good weather

So we are looking to have it officially valued for insurance purposes so can any one help?

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Re: valuation and insurers for 1986 Syncro

Postby Aidan » 11 Dec 2019, 08:46

pretty sure Baxter can do this but maybe not, the list of approved assessors is pretty limited I believe, as the insurance industry doesn't really want agreed valuation, going by Glass guide prices is much better for them especially for vehicles over 10 years old which are basically worthless unless 'special' and 'special' now means expensive high worth individuals' toys only. Chavs have iPhones and wear Burberry now so in the modern world nothing is special unless you are properly super rich.
TTOC used to have club assessors who were approved by the insurers for campers not sure if they still do, not sure if TTOC still exists in the same way as it did tbh
80-90 could have got into all this when it started out and Steve Shaw did do valuations but that was as far as it ever went
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Re: valuation and insurers for 1986 Syncro

Postby irishkeet » 11 Dec 2019, 10:05

syncro4us I'm with Classic Line and for my insurance & agreed valuation I had to supply at least 6 photos and a breakdown of works. Then the figure I felt it was worth / would cost to replace if stolen etc. They were happy to agree this and it was valid for 2 years, I have just agreed again at a higher figure to reflect the works carried out over the past 2 years and again they were happy to agree this.

I dealt with Christian at CL, he is a fellow T3 owner and a member of the Westfalia Refuge and happy to help.

irishkeet :mrgreen:
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Re: valuation and insurers for 1986 Syncro

Postby Swebby » 11 Dec 2019, 12:35

Agree with Irishkeet, I have also got mine valued with Classicline and it wasn't a difficult process.

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