A word about toiletry after SP

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A word about toiletry after SP

Postby silverbullet » 06 Jul 2019, 05:49

Further to a conversation Sunday am with an esteemed colleague...

FFS people! You take your litter home with you and hopefully recycle as much as you can, so do the same with your own waste.
SP is a bare field, its well advertised before the event that you need to be prepared.
This means, in order of preference:
1. Buy a thunderbox and learn how to prepare and use it. Not nice to empty, but deal with it.
2. Go all SAS. Practice your bombing aim, bag it and carry out, bin it with some consideration for the public.
3. Dig a pit and bury it. Not ideal, especially near watercourses and where livestock graze and definitely not at higher altitudes where soil bacteria are scarce (it will take an age to break down, if at all)

Do not nip one off by a hedgerow and think that it will magically disappear in a few hours. It won't!

I'm no Ray Mears but let's try and be a bit more skilled with regard to all outdoor matters?

That's all.

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