Syncro specific engine alternatives

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Re: Syncro specific engine alternatives

Postby Aidan » 19 Jan 2019, 08:34

don't pull away in 2nd you are straining the clutch and gearbox especially if decoupled
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Re: Syncro specific engine alternatives

Postby rollercoaster » 19 Jan 2019, 13:38

Thanks Aidan!
I dont really, nor do I cruise around in 3rd all the time!
I was just illustrating the range in the motor..
Its worth pointing out that the vroom vroom factor,
that petrol heads are all about, changing gear and accelerating or decellerating..
is joyful with this setup,
all the more so for Aidans fine attention to detail in the box,
and a new linkage including gearstick, setup from Russel.

Innuendo warning!
The knob is next to my knee, reached for easily!
The decoupler fitted by Russel is one that shifts in and out while moving,
which I like a lot, though it is very rarely used.

Taken the advice from Russel to always drive with 4x4 engaged,
I only like disengaged when on adverse camber in mud or sand,
or driving at speed in sand, which never happens..
Its a legacy of my long time driving Unimog 404.
I miss that shifting in and out of 4x4 smoothly.
I also miss the dune driving and searching for deep mud to try and get stuck in!

Happy though that I am driving something so much more practical,
and those happy memories can be filed as experience.
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