Crank Pulley Bolt Lubricant and Check out my Spade

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Crank Pulley Bolt Lubricant and Check out my Spade

Postby The Hairy Camper » 03 Apr 2020, 19:00

Just removed an old crank pulley bolt and installed a new crank seal.

As i was about to torque the CP bolt up to spec, i noticed the instructions said to oil the bolt. Since it's an important part, i thought i'd see what other people on here have used/recommend? I have 3in1 lithium grease, copper anti seize, moly grease, GT85, engine oil etc. Bentley said to use "oil" too.

Also, my 1Y didn't have a washer on the CP bolt. Bentley says it should have one.

Oh, and check out my Crank locking tool/spade :D


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