Door won't open.

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Door won't open.

Postby KRIS » 24 Mar 2020, 22:02

Hi. Got a strange one here. Bought a van which needs work. It needs a drivers door, no problem I have bought one. However: I can't get the bloody door off! The door just wont open. I have taken the casing panel off and tried all sorts of ways to open the door. Any idea why it won't open? What I could try? I realise this is a difficult ask. I am considering cutting the outer skin off the door to get to the lock mechanism! Thanks in advance.
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Re: Door won't open.

Postby davidoft1 » 24 Mar 2020, 22:36

Have you got the door handle off?
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Re: Door won't open.

Postby clift_d » 25 Mar 2020, 00:16

I don't think you can get the door handle off unless you can get to the retaining screw on the edge of the door.

What have you tried so far from the inside of the door with the panel off? Presumably you've had the door open before?
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Re: Door won't open.

Postby Mr Bean » 25 Mar 2020, 12:39

I think you have answered one question in your post when you say it needs a new door: Were you to manage by some random unrepeatable manipulation, to open the original door how could you be sure the "new" door wouldn't also become jammed. So to me getting out the jigsaw,tin snips or cold chisel so as to be able to peer at the door locking mechanism to see what is going on doesn't seem to be a bad idea to me.

Assuming the reference to the "bloody door" was slightly light hearted best do it properly
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