Here we go again...MOT

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Re: Here we go again...MOT

Postby T25Convert » 05 Oct 2019, 08:25

crazyhorse wrote:
T25Convert wrote:To get an MOT take it back without the seat fitted. You’re not obliged to have a passenger seat, and if it’s not fitted they can’t test it.

That will give you as much time as you want/need to find a replacement.....

I thought that, but because they tested with seat in does that mean I cant take it out?

You are free to remove it - it failed because it’s not safe in his opinion. Having removed it, it is no longer unsafe and hence can’t be a fail. Be different if it’s compulsory (can’t just take the brake discs off if they fail!!), but this seat is only an optional item. Just tell the tester the old ones in a skip and you’re looking for a new one.

You will probably get an advisory that there is no seat to test, so that if you choose to bolt it back in post test it’s clear he didn’t approve it!
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Re: Here we go again...MOT

Postby 937carrera » 05 Oct 2019, 08:27


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Re: Here we go again...MOT

Postby crazyhorse » 05 Oct 2019, 18:31

confirmed :ok

will get it back on wednesday. Will take seat out
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Re: Here we go again...MOT

Postby mrhutch » 05 Oct 2019, 19:05

I have an MOT that states on the advisory "unable to test washers/wipers - windscreen not present"

I took the windscreen out as I needed a MOT and the wipers and washers didn't work.
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Re: Here we go again...MOT

Postby R0B » 05 Oct 2019, 20:20

You monkey you :-)
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