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Tire choice

Postby pfield69 » 16 Aug 2016, 08:14

My rear wheel drive wannabe syncro (OK, its a standard T25) is rubbish off road i.e campsites etc.
Just returned from Boardmasters where i couldn't even reverse up a slight grassy incline without spinning up.

I need new tires and thought yiu guys could suggest good tires that will deal with glasto mud to Newquay long grass with a bit of tamac inbetween.
At present i have 195/70 15s fitted but 205/70 15s would fit fine. I was looking at Geolanders?
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Re: Tire choice

Postby Slider2 » 16 Aug 2016, 12:40

On a budget I've just shod the van with Goodyear Wrangler AT/SA+ from tyreleader. Delivered from France in a few days and for ~£55 each it made a lot of sense. Sure they're not as pretty as the BFGs and have a fair bit less depth of tread .... but the likelihood is that for me they'll perish through UV before I get through the tread ....
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Re: Tire choice

Postby JD123 » 01 Feb 2017, 01:28

I've been looking at GoodYear vs BFG vs Toyos. suggestion on what are recommended for my van? any help would be appreciated
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Re: Tire choice

Postby tforturton » 01 Feb 2017, 16:28

You get a better choice of AT/MT tyres if you switch to 15" Mefro wheels (available from Brickwerks). A common swap on Syncros.
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Re: Tire choice

Postby slobbo » 14 Oct 2017, 12:17

I've just put Kuhmos on but had a set of Hankook AT's on for years- £74ish a tire. The Hankooks were good.

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Re: Tire choice

Postby M4tt_1 » 20 Oct 2017, 13:32

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