Recommendations for a new interior - West Scotland

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Recommendations for a new interior - West Scotland

Postby tandemsandy » 21 Jan 2018, 19:48

Well the o/s/f wing repair has kinda snowballed! B-post knackered, jacking point gone, inner sill has big holes, so does the floor. So no choice but to remove the flooring, fridge & all units to get access from inside. The metalwork repairs are progressing (thanks mainly to all the pics & info on here) but we're now thinking that there's no point putting the 34 year old tatty interior back in.
We usually do everything ourselves on Vinnie, and have been looking at the kit interiors available, but if we're doing a new interior we might as well have it done properly.

Soooo, any suggestions for who to go to in Scotland for an interior refurb? R&R bed, carpet lining, units, floor. We're west of Glasgow, but most of Scotland is closer than the places we've found on google so far!

All suggestions welcome.

Rob & Sandy (& Vinnie)
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