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Re: My 1 owner velle

Postby KarlT » 13 Jul 2016, 17:12

lovely. needs a subaru now. mmmmmmm!
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Re: My 1 owner velle

Postby R0B » 13 Jul 2016, 17:38

Nice.I prefer Tintops.Looks a similar colour to my velle,but that could be because i am on my phone.
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Re: My 1 owner velle

Postby xdelboyx » 13 Jul 2016, 19:18

KarlT wrote:lovely. needs a subaru now. mmmmmmm!

It will run a ej25 at some point but it's such a sweet little lump in it now that I won't change until it dies....was considering a turbo Subaru but you have to hack some chassis bits away and the gearbox is always a tricky one.
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Re: Reader Rides (trial thread)

Postby Gary. » 23 Aug 2016, 15:25

OK, here goes for those who might be interested...

1990 Syncro Doka, RHD, Pretty much stock.


It's been in a barn for 17 years (apparently, though 2004 tax disc found in glovebox!) until last year when it was spotted and extracted from the then owner. Was made roadworthy, then flogged on eBay, Dec/Jan 2015/6. If anybody has the original listing from an ebay search I would be very interested in seeing the description.

I think it's very clean, though have no comparison. It would appear someone enjoyed using waxoil some time ago, subsequently virtually no rust. The previous owner has had some tidying and paint done (badly), I only just clocked one of the seams filled!

Very much looking forward to driving it, just have a couple of minor mechanical's to resolve and we'll be away...

1990 Syncro doka (RHD), 1.6TD.
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Autohome Kameo

Postby ady » 23 Aug 2016, 19:59

Just purchased my latest Type 25: a 1989, 3 owner, low mileage, ziebarted from new Autohomes Kameo hightop. The van is in remarkable original condition having minimum bodywork issues. The engine runs like a dream, everything works. Its obviously wanted for nothing since 1989 and hopefully will contine to want for nothing. Anyway, heres a quick pic
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Re: Reader Rides (trial thread)

Postby bigbadbob76 » 07 Nov 2016, 15:15

Hi to the group.
I'm a newbie here from the Isle of Skye saying hello, I've just bought an '86 1.9 petrol watercooled 4 speed (dg) camper and have allready needed info i've found on here so thanks for the forum. :ok
She's a bit of a nail to be honest, with the usual rust, oil and water leaks etc and cars behind me choke on the fumes so I guess she's burning oil, my plan is to work through the worst bits and keep her on the road without doing a full restoration. I'm mechanically minded and can rebuild the engine if it comes to that but I'm wary of snapping head studs. I bought with the heart not the head as a wedding present to ourselves and so we can take our greyhound away with us. I should really have known better and walked away but i'm starting to enjoy her quirks and she's simple to work on.
So far I've replaced the fuel tank (leaking)and the oil pressure switch (that had been fitted with a 2 bar one instead of 0.25 bar. :roll: )
I've also adjusted the gear linkage so I don't have to hunt about half way to reverse in order to find first.
Other jobs to do include wheel bearing tightening or replacement (theres a slight knock when I pull on the wheels) and improve the interior unit under the cooker and sink. I don't know who did the conversion but it needs a tidy up at the very least and maybe a swivel passengers seat.
I also need to get the Clarke brothers (grinder and welder) out and tidy up underneath and on the sliding door as well as the cab steps.
Oh yeah, and the speedo wobbles so it maybe needs a new cable.
On the plus side, someone put in a stainless exhaust system at some point. :D

Here she is in all her rusty glory, the previous owner painted her with gloss house paint and a four inch brush but she did throw in a wee generator, pi$$ pot, new bedding and genuine harris tweed curtains. hahaha....


5 months on and after a lot of blood, sweat and spanner throwing, welding, grinding and painting, she's finally ready to use in anger.
Still a lot to do to get her as we want but I'm glad to see the back of that Tesco's gloss.
Sills welded/replaced, several other panels welded/replaced. engine seems fine after a bit of fettling, new good quality oil and wynns in the water, it'll be coming out for a rebuild at some point but ok for now. ditto gearbox which needs synchromesh ring for 3rd replaced but if you meke sure you're below 30mph before you engage 3rd it's drivable. due to family illness it's more important that it's usable rather than perfect at this stage.


and a "during" shot.

here's the latest pic I have.

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1992 Holdsworth Celebrity Hightop

Postby NPG264 » 29 Dec 2016, 21:59

This my refurbished 1992 Holdsworth Celebrity High Top called Rose Bella looking forward to 2017 and beyond. Thanks to Adam/dbz864 for all his hard work getting it to this standard.

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Re: Reader Rides (trial thread)

Postby dbz864 » 30 Dec 2016, 14:08

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Thanks. ^^^^^ Nice to deal with good people. Enjoy. :P Adam
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Re: Reader Rides (trial thread)

Postby big jim » 04 Jan 2017, 22:33

thought I would say hello and post a photo of the "stormpooper" as its called in my house,
due to it dumping its a*** end (oil) on my nice new driveway after I picked it up(failed oil seal)

bought it 6 months ago been away 2 weekends with it now in that time due to work and mechanical issues :roll: :roll:
had the full water and oil system rebuilt since I got it thankfully my uncle is a old school vw man and t25s and bays are his thing,
got piles of receipts and history in the folders, but now requires a running gear rebuild over the next few months as in full bearings and
new pads and discs all the way round and probably :lol: :lol: :lol: keep muttering to myself "for the love of the dub"

wee trip out with my bro in law in his bay.

thanks jim
big jim
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Re: Reader Rides (trial thread)

Postby niklee1 » 09 Mar 2017, 17:46

So my intro with a couple of pics went missing and the mods didn't delete so I'll post a couple on here...

Just got my first T25 to add to my small collection of VW's this is Ruby picked her up on Tuesday with no MOT and in need of serious TLC....



After a quick MOT (yes it passed! :shock: ) and a clean/T-cut and new hub caps/beauty rings and here she is now...



Yeah I know just the same but a little bit shinier!!! :D
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Re: Reader Rides (trial thread)

Postby Mocki » 09 Mar 2017, 17:55

nice bus.....
tel / txt 07947137911
just one shade of very fast grey

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Reader Rides (trial thread)

Postby DoubleOSeven » 19 Mar 2017, 08:48

1984 Caravelle 2.1 MV on Pierburg, K&N Air Filter, Speedshop Exhaust
Purchased 09/09/2014
Interior: T5 telescopic table, buddy box, IceyTek cooler, Westfalia rock'n'roll bed
One key fits all locks
Exterior: Replaced wheel arches, very little rust, garaged most of its life as far as I know from the history
Removed and rebuilt original 1.9DG, but replaced soon after for 2.1MV
Bilstein B4 shocks and EVO -50mm springs
Oil temp and rev counter added in (d)ashtray
Replaced Merc Alloys with Mefro 16" + Michelin tyres, as I like the stock look
Tinted windows, Landy wing mirrors
All maintenance done by me, clean MOT no advisories
We do about 5k a year camping and at the moment it's my daily 50 miles round trip to work while my wiring gets upgraded in my Mk2 16V
Often doing the 400 mile round trip to North Devon, never misses a beat
One of the best things I've ever bought

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Re: Reader Rides (trial thread)

Postby 300CE » 19 Mar 2017, 09:23

Here's my old girl - looks good polished up & from a distance but does require bodywork. Has just gone through her MoT again but will require welding to get through the next one. Loads of money and work hours spent in the usual areas but she's a keeper so I don't mind as it keeps me out of trouble and the advice on here has been second to none:








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Re: Reader Rides (trial thread)

Postby chewbacca » 19 Mar 2017, 10:12

DoubleOSeven wrote:Image

Santa Pod?
B plate 1.9 petrol bus
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Re: Reader Rides (trial thread)

Postby DoubleOSeven » 19 Mar 2017, 11:50

chewbacca wrote:
DoubleOSeven wrote:Image

Santa Pod?
Yup - Volkszone area which was miles away, near the front entrance. BMX came in handy though, even entered the human powered drag race! Club 80-90 had a much better spot near Fueler's Bar.

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