Bad Kissingen - Adbenteuer Allrad - Germany..

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Bad Kissingen - Adbenteuer Allrad - Germany..

Postby jed the spread » 20 May 2018, 22:22

Hey up..

Anyone else heading out to Germany next week to the Adbenteuer Allrad Show in Bad Kissingen Germany?

Dan and I closed the shop last year and headed out there for a few days and it was amazing! It was so good infact that this year the shop is closed from this coming Friday all that weekend, the whole of the following week, including the weekend after that and plan to get back to it the following Monday.
Dan just now today got his van back to the south coast after Russel having it for a couple of months working his top end magic so is franticly getting his $h*! together (really looking forward to seeing the result) and I am now 85% through the Managon build so will be going in the truck as that it is in a fit state to use. We are also going to be taking our families this year so really looking forward to hanging out at the event and getting inspired.

If you are heading to the event, be sure to pop on over for beers or food anytime you like. Myself, Lou and Dan who work at CVC love down time so we actually get the time to hang out and have beers with people who follow what we do.

We made a short video of what we got up to last year if you are considering the event some time in the future, here is a link to it just incase, ... ngen-2017/

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