Eberspacher B2l

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Eberspacher B2l

Postby Microbusdeluxe » 27 Sep 2017, 04:19

I just fixed my dead Eberspacher and thought some members might be interested in its revival. While I'm in the USA, my 1989 syncro Joker is an European spec vehicle, imported by the previous owner. VW of North America did not offer the Eberspacher as an option in the T3 (vanagon to us) line, so they are few and far between over here. I am quite grateful for the threads on this forum, especially posts by Oldiebutgoodie and Irish Keet & Irish Dave. Their work was invaluable in guiding me. If you have a dead Eber, the first thing you need to do is to read their posts and get a copy of the troubleshooting manual https://www.butlertechnik.com/technical_library/b2l-d44.

My story: When I initially got the van the Eber worked great. After a year or so it began to overheat, stop working, and then the dreaded red light would blink. Shutting it down for a while got things working again and, sometimes, it would run for hours. Then it got so that it would overheat all the time. Then it wouldn't heat at all and finally it wouldn't even ignite. With mushroom season approaching it was time to get some heat in that baby to take off the chill. Our weather in the Pacific Northwest is as miserable as the UK during the fall. After a day of tromping around in the rainy woods there's nothing like returning to the van, firing up the heater and then frying up some wild mushrooms and bacon on toast.

I removed it, took it apart and following the excellent article by Irish Dave, ordered up the 3 thermo time switches and dug out the spare ignitor that came from the original German owner. One thing Dave mentioned in his notes was that he could not remember exactly where the three differently rated thermo switches attached. Here's the answer: Looking at the manual on page 18 there is a drawing of the unit. The 250 degree switch is the "safety thermal cut-off switch" which is numbered 4 on the diagram. The 100 degree switch is the "temperature switch" number 3 and the 50 degree switch is the "heating coil switch" number 13.

I replaced all 3 of these, tested my old ignitor, which actually worked but I put in the new one anyway and slapped it all back together after cleaning up the dust and soot. Turned it on, no clicking fuel pump. Took off the pump and tested it by bumping it with 12v, no go. Cleaned it with carb cleaner, it began to pulse. Put it back in and connected the wires, nada. After many bad words and lots of head scratching I discovered that the small glass 1.25 amp fuse in the silver control unit was blown. This really threw me as the fan ran when switched on, so I assumed all fuses were good. Live and learn.

Replaced the fuse, and while it made noise, it would not pass fuel. I cleaned up the filter, still nothing. So off to the internets to find a new pump. While parts are difficult to find, there are some available, but at an obscene price ($200+) especially when you throw in shipping to the USA. I gambled on a Chinese made on from Ebay, $70 and only 10 days to get here.

This long tail comes to and end. Put it in, I gots heat! I guess time will tell if the Chinese pump holds up, but for now it's all good. May your repair adventure meet success.
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Re: Eberspacher B2l

Postby Aidan » 27 Sep 2017, 06:27

thanks for posting; enjoy the shrooms :ok
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