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PostPosted: 28 Jul 2017, 12:29
Something for SYNCRO Fans


Come and learn all about the Viscous Coupling that is the heart of the 4WD system in your T3 Syncro LIVE within the Busfest 2017 Syncro Zone Display!!

We are extremely proud to announce that Andreas and Tanja from Visco Werkstatt Kern are joining us LIVE at the Busfest Syncro Zone Display this year to share some of their vast knowledge of the inner workings of the VISCOUS COUPLING. (VC)

We’re especially honoured by their visit as they will be married just a day after the show! Talk about dedication.
This will include (but not be limited to);

• Testing of a Viscous Coupling (VC) on VW-Kern’s in-house built test equipment (all the way from Austria!),
• Before and after tests showing how a VC can fail (open and closed)
• An in depth look at the parts that make up the VC and how they influence the working characteristics of the VC
• A Presentation showing VW-Kern’s subtle (but fundamental) alterations to the design which gives improved performance and reliability.

BUSFEST will provide VW-Kern shows with failed Viscous Couplings for rebuild – one of these VC’s will be taken out of a Syncro live at Busfest and overhauled during the event.

• They will be put onto the test rig and a graph will produced showing it’s current condition.
• It will then be stripped down LIVE showing any damage that is found, cleaned, rebuilt with new seals, fluid using the all-important new process (VW-Kern design), and allowed to cure (a 12 hour process).
• It will then be tested again showing the change in working characteristics on a graph.
• One of the reconditioned VCs will then be fitted to a T3 Syncro LIVE at the show, and driven onto the Busfest ‘Test your VC’ rollers showing how it works in real life
• And FINALLY then taken around the obstacle course putting it through it’s paces show how the 4WD is utilised in the real world rather than on test rigs and rollers.

Come and join us at the Busfest to learn more about the VW Transporter 4WD Syncro and it’s capabilities!



PostPosted: 29 Jul 2017, 08:23
by max and caddy
If I present him with a VC of unknown health...would he test it on his device?


PostPosted: 29 Jul 2017, 08:47
by silverbullet
I am asking that very question. Waiting for a reply.

Alex I could tell you if yours is likely to be fubarred in about 1 minute.

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PostPosted: 29 Jul 2017, 20:50
by silverbullet
That's a bit strong. Rebuilt at home?Image

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PostPosted: 29 Jul 2017, 20:52
by silverbullet
For the benefit of those not inclined to use facecloth:
"I had forgotten that Michael is one of the very few people that I have found to be so objectionable and petty that it has been necessary to block them.
So...the quiet efforts of my syncronaut friends and I amount to "home brewed guesswork" on the VC front eh?
Over 50 units completed and precisely refilled (according to original Steyr-Puch data) since early 2014 and no returns. Every single customer happy AND almost £2500 raised for Cancer Research UK into the deal.
I can only imagine the kind of deal that Michael is trying to swing behind the scenes with Visco-Kern, but I dare say that the VC I refurbished for him last year has entered the equation at some point.
Was it any good btw? I get so little feedback, you see.
I can only advise Kern to tread very carefully and be prepared for a nasty surprise somewhere along the line. They won't be the first.
Trust, honour and integrity are hard won commodities these days.
I know what they are worth."

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PostPosted: 29 Jul 2017, 21:18
Just for some clarity here:

As per the press release the Viscous Couplings for the demonstrations during the BUSFEST event will be provided by BUSFEST.

This is to avoid ANY conflict with any other commercial operations as to where the VC’s may have originated from.

It is intended as part of a technical element the Syncro Zone, to showcase VW-Kerns Process and show you what they do to produce their products (and also provide a lot of useful information about how the Viscous Coupling works and should be used and maintained.).

It is not intended to be a means to find out if a VC that may or may not have been reconditioned at home or elsewhere is working or not.

So please, do not bring along any loose VC’s to Busfest, we have more than enough for them to play with.
If you do have your complete vehicle with you we will have our usual roller test rig in operation to test installed VC's.

If you want to have a preamble of what VW-KERNS (or the test rig process they will be bringing to BUSFEST) is all about please visit their WEBSITE at ;



PostPosted: 29 Jul 2017, 21:34
by silverbullet
The inference that our not inconsiderable efforts as a syncro club on the international scene is somehow amateurish is disingenuous at best.
For my part I have asked Kern, as a professional engineer,, if they would do me the honour of putting the data to which I was entrusted (which is beyond reproach) to the ultimate test.

I am not a competitor and nor do I wish to be regarded as one. I approached them as an equal and out of professional interest.
I am not asking Kern to test a duff used VC, I have seen enough of those.

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