A question for you....is there any interest in 1st Aid Kits?

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Re: A question for you....is there any interest in 1st Aid Kits?

Postby Wedgbury » 06 Jul 2017, 10:39

Just looked - astonishing......

Www.E-pax.co.uk For 64quid for men . 70 something for woman. Difference is a birth test (I think) - difference is morning after pill available from a Pharmacist over the counter £27 or go to GP and have it prescribed - £8.60 an item.

You can buy all the drugs (except the antibiotics from Supermarkets and chemists for under a couple of pounds.) Butterflies or steri-strips & all other kit readily available and would cost you less than £20 to put together. If you are going to remote areas of the world your GP would prescribe you sterile needles and syringes and antibiotics to take, if after discussion they felt you had a valid reason fro carrying them! again £8.60 an item current 'script fee!

I would also add in a couple of other useful items / drugs too ......

But to give you an idea of cost difference:

Paracetamol 500mg - 16 tablets 25p (Any value pack - can buy for 19p in Lidl)
Aspirin Dispersable 75mg £1.59
Loperamide 2mg £5.99 for 18 (same as Imodium but cheaper than the branded name!!)
Ibuprofen 200mg 35p for 16 compared to £3.39 for Nurofen!! - as above!

Don't be robbed blind by the fancy packaging & sexy website!! :ok
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