Dual mass flywheel & Clutch - opinions

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Re: Dual mass flywheel & Clutch - opinions

Postby silverbullet » 30 Nov 2016, 17:56


A Dual mass flywheel or DMF is a rotating mechanical device that is used to provide continuous energy (rotational energy) in systems where the energy source is not continuous, the same way as a conventional flywheel acts, but damping any violent variation of torque or revolutions that could cause an unwanted vibration. The vibration reduction is achieved by accumulating stored energy in the two flywheel half masses over a period of time but damped by a series of strong springs, doing that at a rate that is compatible with the energy source, and then releasing that energy at a much higher rate over a relatively short time. The compact dual-mass flywheel also includes the whole clutch, (with the pressure plate and the friction disc)

TDi engines in a nutshell. The need for the DMF springs to be tuned to the engine looks to be an important consideration.
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Re: Dual mass flywheel & Clutch - opinions

Postby Dutchdude » 01 Dec 2016, 20:15

I bought a new DMF at Busfest and will be fitting it next time engine or box needs to come out. Now running solid flywheel with the origininal TDI clutch on a tdi input shaft and I have done so for the last 89.000 km. I am now fully convinced fitting a DMF will expand the life of the box and also eliminate the "idle rattle".
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Re: Dual mass flywheel & Clutch - opinions

Postby PC52 » 03 Dec 2016, 09:24

Thanks Rob and Ian,
Seems to be the way to go, done a bit more reading aswell. It's gotta soften the blow to the gearbox so in our case anything has gotta help.
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