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Postby SYMCRO » 12 Oct 2016, 09:56

Info on BUSFEST Bonaween for Syncro owners that might be interested in having a go around our off road play area.


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Postby J P » 13 Oct 2016, 10:09

I just tried the link and received:

'You are not authorised to read this forum.'

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Postby SYMCRO » 13 Oct 2016, 10:27

Well that could be because information on all the events you might like to think about going to it is in the Club 80-90 Members section & you are not a member. :?

SO, for the benefit of any other non members on here this is info on the Bonaween event....


BUSFEST BONAWEEN is a chilled out, family Camping weekend being held at the Welland Camp used for BUSFEST over the weekend of October 21-23rd, with an option if you like of staying over until the Monday.

It is a chance for the all those involved with the BUSFEST show to wind down and meet the “Fans of Vans” in a chilling relaxing environment. Perhaps take a trip up into the Malvern Hills and "Marvel over Malvern"at the impressive view.

This year we will have in operation an off road 4x4 course right next to the Camping area, your chance to try it out.

Friday night there is the opportunity to relax, socialise and meet friends and other Bonaweeners

Saturday Night, take in our own Bonfire/Halloween Party. A recipe for a great Chill out weekend to round off the Camping year.

It will be a pre - booked only event.
Camping cost is £25 per person and children up to the age of 16 are free.

Please make cheques payable to : “Event Site Services” ,

Best Dressed Camper/unit. Best Dressed Adult, Best Dressed Child, Halloween Theme, Best Carved Pumpkin, Ducking Apples, Childrens Drawings, Background music in the Marquee.

Bonfire and fireworks on the Saturday night. You can bring along your own fireworks, but they must be set off by our own "safety man"

BOOK ONLINE http://www.busfest.org

e-mail camping@busfest.org for a booking form.

https://www.facebook.com/Busfest-Bonawe ... 485055817/

Here is a bit more info on the Syncro bit of our Busfest Bonaween event for those of you who don't do facebook or other websites :)

Busfest Bonaween Syncro day out! Saturday 22nd October.

For those who haven't been to Busfest Bonaween, it's the smaller brother, but no trading, no displays, no fairground or food court. This is a small, chilled out, fun Halloween theme based, family style camping get together in a field not far from Three Counties Showground.

Yes, there are a couple of toilets on site. A water point (and for those who need it an Elsan Point ). We also have a very big Marquee for our Bonaween evenings (and if it gets a bit wet during the day too)
Some of you may have already driven around the field and surrounding area on the Sunday Busfest Syncro Trial offroading trip out.

So why put this here?
Well, last year Simon Holloway had rather too much fun in the Rallye Bus driving around the site. (The Rebel will be doing its stuff around the site again this year :D )
So we thought that it might an idea to offer this play area to fellow T3 Syncro owners to come and have a bit of fun, test out your Syncro and diff-locks and possibly learn a bit more about what your T3 Syncro is capable of.

There's a couple of options.
Come for the whole weekend or just for the day the day... hence 'Syncro day out!'

It's £25 per person for the weekend or £10 per person for the Saturday (Pay on arrival - but please let us know you are coming). (prebooking for the whole weekend is available on the website but not for much longer ... will most probably close on Sunday 16th.)

Come along and play with your Syncro during the day. We're looking at possibly setting up a full Syncro trial if there are enough people turning up. At the end of the day, there is Bonaween Monster Disco where the whole family can dress up in Halloween theme.

There is a chance for the children to help make the 'Guy' that we put on a Bonfire that is set alight before we hold the Fireworks display.

https://www.facebook.com/Busfest-Bonawe ... 485055817/…

Maybe start a list on here of likely Syncro Day Visitors to add to the others we already know are coming. :ok

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