Wiring Loom - ready for de-coupler switch?

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Wiring Loom - ready for de-coupler switch?

Postby garyd » 15 Apr 2016, 19:13

I have had the engine, gearbox and tank out of my syncro and all the wiring looms pulled back out of the way of repairs. Now I have come to re-fit everything I find that there is apparently and extra branch & connector.

It is the same flat two pin connector as used on the diff-lock switch, reversing light switch and the fuel gauge sender. It has brown/black and brown cables. Searching the current flow diagrams shows that these colours suggest it is for the warning light switch for a de-coupler.

Can anyone confirm that the syncro looms (even the late (1990) ones) were made with these wires included, even though the gearboxes never had the de-couplers?

1990 Transporter syncro camper
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Re: Wiring Loom - ready for de-coupler switch?

Postby axeman » 15 Apr 2016, 19:20

I fitted a decupler to the pick up (1990) and found the loom tucked up in the chassis leg. On the the camper (1987) when the tank was out the wiring and the conector were present as well.

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Re: Wiring Loom - ready for de-coupler switch?

Postby lloydy » 15 Apr 2016, 19:39

Yep, I have the plug in the loom too.
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Re: Wiring Loom - ready for de-coupler switch?

Postby Aidan » 16 Apr 2016, 06:11

it seems all syncros have the wiring for difflocks and decoupler even if not fitted, ie your non diff lock vans have the loom too, the reverse light switch wiring is in the difflock loom and VW decided not to make a reverse light only loom, so it's likely that the majority of vans had at least rear locker to justify that decision, if there were 5000 non locker syncros then I'm sure they would have made a nonlocker loom too so completely non locker vans must have been relatively rare
All UK market vans were twin locker
difflock plug is cable tied to the loom just behind the rear cross member and often full of crud
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