Let's talk gearbox ratios

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Let's talk gearbox ratios

Postby PC52 » 01 Oct 2015, 20:35

Aidan is waiting our decision, but to put it simply cannot decide which way we are going to go..

Running TDI, 110bhp, 5.43 on 215 75 15 on the camper with a 'v' second

Fully loaded basically,

What is everybody running, what are your jumps like in between gears? What would you prefer to have?
Is it a choice of bringing down the top end a more enjoyable driving experience?

Where's the compromise?
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Re: Let's talk gearbox ratios

Postby lloydy » 01 Oct 2015, 21:17

At the moment I'm 6.17 R&P 1.08 3rd and 0.70 4th with 205/80/16. Every gear is perfectly spaced, but cruising rpm for motorway is too low with 3000rpm@59mph
ImageII am changing the R&P to a 5.43 next month, which will change 3000rpm to 68mph, the gears are slightly more spaced but not much..
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Re: Let's talk gearbox ratios

Postby clift_d » 01 Oct 2015, 21:44

We've got 5.43 final drive on a standard box with 215/70 R16 tyres - basically the same size tyres as you. Our speedo indicates 65mph at roughly 3100rpm in 4th. Jumps between gears are generally good except 3rd - 4th where I sometimes think a slightly longer 3rd gear would be better. However as this would be at the detriment of 2nd - 3rd we're happy to stay where we are.
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Re: Let's talk gearbox ratios

Postby ninja.turtle007 » 01 Oct 2015, 21:59

I get get 70mph at 3150rpm which is as long as you want to go. I'd probably go slightly lower geared if I were to start again. But then I'm very fussy. Normal driving it is almost perfect but when fully loaded on long, European motorway hills I let it slow a little as I don't like to drive foot to the floor.

4:86 final drive
Longer 3rd but I can't remember the ratio (ask Aidan)
4th 0.75

Afn with .23 nozzles

In my opinion it is crucial to have the V 2nd otherwise the gap between 2nd and 3rd it too big. This is especially noticeable on mountain passes.
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Re: Let's talk gearbox ratios

Postby v-lux » 02 Oct 2015, 08:43

Totally standard 5.43 box - so all gears are spaced as they should be.
G- 6.03
R- 6.03
1st- 3.778
2nd- 2.065
3rd- 1.225
4th- 0.780

Tyres - 235/85/R16

60mph @ 2700rpm
70mph @ 3100rpm
80mph @ 3588rpm

.230 nozzles
Remapped ECU (supposedly 140bhp - its definitely got more power, but not sure about the claim..?)

I agree with Tom that I wouldnt want to go any longer on the 4th gear. I actually consider down sizing my tyres very slighty from time to time when i'm carrying a very heavy load.
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Re: Let's talk gearbox ratios

Postby ratinyho » 02 Oct 2015, 19:08

Is it for the doka?

I went 4.8 with v 2nd and the longest 3rd and 4th weddle sell. Absolutely perfect for me and all gears spaced well. Was a bit worried it would be too long but even around the hills in Wales it's great. If your planning on towing heavy and drop the 4th a little.

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Re: Let's talk gearbox ratios

Postby PC52 » 03 Oct 2015, 12:35

This one is for the camper.
The doka is getting the camper set up 4.86, 0.73 4th and 1.08 3rd with a 'v' 2nd. The jump to 3rd is a touch on the long side, which affects those long climbs.But the doka is going to be so much lighter.

As the camper is getting the new box and going to do the miles we want this spot on.
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Re: Let's talk gearbox ratios

Postby hugomonkey » 03 Oct 2015, 13:22

i had a 5.43 in two weeks ago and am presently running a 4.86 and next week i´ll be swapping that for a 5.83, getting a bit confused :?
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Re: Let's talk gearbox ratios

Postby syncro up » 03 Oct 2015, 15:25

What's a "V" second?
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Re: Let's talk gearbox ratios

Postby lloydy » 03 Oct 2015, 15:28

its a slightly taller 2nd gear ratio fitted to the later gearboxes. (the later boxes 3 digit code has a 'v' as the middle digit) its a 1.88 ratio vs the earlier 2.06 ratio
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Re: Let's talk gearbox ratios

Postby JustSharon » 07 Oct 2015, 20:19

C'mon then!
Seems like everyone is sleeping... thought this would be a good discussion.

Which way have you gone? What's your opinion?

There's no definitive route inmho, just a collective of thoughts and decisions why.
It's all the little moments in life that make it a big adventure.

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Re: Let's talk gearbox ratios

Postby jed the spread » 07 Oct 2015, 22:22

I recently had my box done and could have gone any way I wanted but stuck with what I had as it drives really nice. I wouldn't want my gearing any longer really than it is now especially on mountain roads in Europe.

With the plans you have I think you are best going as low as you can get way with rather than the highest you can get away with if that makes sense.

I hope this helps,


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Re: Let's talk gearbox ratios

Postby syncropaddy » 08 Oct 2015, 20:47

My box is an AVS with a .78 4th gear and a 4.86 f/d ratio. VW never made this set up. I entrusted this rebuild to my spec to the lovely Mr Talbot back in October 2007 and I have covered a massive 20,000 kms since! I run 225/70/15 tyres which gives 60 mph @ 3000 rpm ore there abouts

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Re: Let's talk gearbox ratios

Postby smokeyjon » 01 Oct 2017, 22:09

I know it's an old thread but as my query is on exactly this subject i thought I'd have a go at waking it up!

I now also need to confirm the ratios I want to Aidan...

My van is a DIY panel Van syncro camper running 215 70/16s and weighs in about 2100-2200kg (if I remember rightly from last time I went to the tip!). I currently have a very tired aaz on a stock ahf box that I can get 25-27mpg out of on long runs and in an ideal world am aiming for better mpg and a little more power from the ahu I'm planning to install.

I'm minded to go as long as possible which means 5.43 final drive; 1.09/0.70 3rd and 4th but would be interested to hear from anyone with comparables about whether I should go a bit lower ( 3rd available in 1.14 and 1.18 versions and 4th in 0.73, 0.75 and 0.77 ). Aidan says this is pretty much his standard TDI box so I'm hoping some people will have experience of it. Is it worth asking the same question on a non-syncro page or does the Syncro drivetrain and weight mean that it's not really comparable?

Any thoughts appreciated.
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