Now its noise from gearbox / clutch area

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Now its noise from gearbox / clutch area

Postby syncro4us » 25 May 2014, 17:09

Hi all

Got the gear stick, and new plastic tips sorted for the syncro thanks to the new ones supplied by Brickworks.

Now we have another problem. More a noise. It seems to eminate from the middle of the gearbox
on idle. When the clutch is depressed in neutral it goes away. Its a sort of rattle/whine so the gearbox was rebuilt 3-4 years ago approx and havnt had
a moments problem so was wondering if the noise could be the idle bearing in the flywheel centre going but transmitting the noise up the lay shaft into the gearbox??.
Iv had this on other cars and also thought possibly the clutch release bearing? New clutch 3-4 years ago when gearbox was replaced
I get noise going up through the gears but this gets less going from G to top
the whine dissappears when coasting and revving at this time in neutral and coasting makes no difference but letting the clutch in and it reappears and wont go away.

any one got ideas as we are off to france again and are hoping to make do till we are back in July/August

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