Fix for broken clock / instrument fixing lugs

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Fix for broken clock / instrument fixing lugs

Postby 937carrera » 11 Apr 2018, 11:13

When I came to adjust my clock for BST I noticed that it was difficult to do so because the knob you push in was not fully engaging and the face of the clock itself was being pushed away from the dash.

Upon inspection I noticed that the lugs that the retaining screws screw into had previously been broken and mended by application of glue from a glue gun. This clearly hadn't lasted, and figuring out that even using the correct plastic cement would be unlikely to take the load I had to devise another way to repair the clock.

After a bit of head scratching I decided that I didn't want to use metal washers because of the PCB, and neither did I have any plastic washers, but overlaying the original fixing points with triangular pieces of plastic to extend the clamping area onto other areas of the backface should give the desired result. I had some electrical trunking on the shelf which I cut up to make the repair pieces. The pieces were cut so that they could be tucked under the edge of the PCB where necessary, but with enough area to clamp effectively.

Not necessarily the prettiest job in the world, but as it doesn't show and it worked I'm happy that I don't have to replace a perfectly well functioning clock and fuel gauge.

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