Oil light fix

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Oil light fix

Postby sarahandthebear » 21 Dec 2017, 11:16

So we have just fixed a fault with our oil light and I thought I would explain how we fixed it so that others with this problem can do the same. First off I must stress that if the oil light dose come on in your van stop driving and fix the issue first. It may be your oil pressure and the van is trying to tell you something. So we got in the van yeasterday and turned the key once. All the lights came on as usual. I then turned the engine on all the lights went out apart from the oil light which was on but very dim. I turned the engine off and tried again same thing happens so this time I turned it off and began thinking what could be the problem. My first thought was the wire that connect to the underside of the engine on the left hand side of the van if you lay down and look you will see a wire that comes down past the pushrods and connects to a plug on the engine underside. This is the oil pressure switch and this is the guy that causes most of the oil light problems. As it is so exposed to the elements. Low and behold after disconnecting the battery which should be done whenever messing with the electrics I had a closer look and it had very bad black rot and wire exposed. Luckaly for us before we bought the van a macanic had fitted an electric fuel pump may I add in the wrong place and it was now just sitting in the engine bay with a fresh wire. I cut the old wire and replaced it with the new one connection and all, cleaned the connections and fired her back up the oil light was off and running fine. If you experience the same dim light try inspecting this wire first and then any wires behind the dash. Hope this helps I'm sure many of the other more experienced club members will be able to give better details then me.
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