Fridge selector button for mains hook up will not stop deppr

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Fridge selector button for mains hook up will not stop deppr

Postby JodieandBorja » 26 Sep 2017, 13:59

Hi Guys,

We have an Electrolux RM 184 EGI fridge on our Westy. Having just arrived on a campsite and hooked up the electric we have found that the fridge selector button for mains electric will not stay depressed.

Having checked the forum archive we could only find the advice below,

'If any of the other buttons (i.e. 12V or 240 V) break you can always dismantle the switch and swap the broken bit to the gas one so the electric ones stay latched'

Is there any other reason for the button not to stay depressed other than a busted mechanism? I.e fuse/wiring?

If the problem is due to a busted mechanism can anyone give specific guidance as how to dismantle and fix?

Thanks in advance! Our Asturias cheeses are starting to smell and the beer needs chilling (unfortunately our fridge does not currently run on the gas option)

Thank you Jodie and Borja
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