Replacing the dashboard plastic PCB

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Re: Replacing the dashboard plastic PCB

Postby CJH » 31 Jan 2019, 18:19

Thanks for the photos. Is that rod metal? Any idea what it's for? I have a home-made housing, but I don't recall seeing that rod on a genuine housing that I had in recently.

The company I've been using for PCBs is JLCBCP. I can't speak highly enough of them - always prompt service and good quality. Minimum quantity is 5 I think, but 10 will cost you the same! Prices go up if your board is bigger than 100mm x 100mm (like my dash PCB), or has a special finish (like the gold plating on my 'fingers' board), but usually one of the biggest cost items is the shipping, unless you're prepared to wait for the slow boat from China. But if you pay for the DHL shipping you will usually have your boards in your hands a week after ordering them. I usually combine shipping with a parts order from their sister company LCSC.
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Re: Replacing the dashboard plastic PCB

Postby 3cylinders » 02 Feb 2019, 18:14

Hi Chris,

Thanks of the info on the PCB supplier. The rod is plastic, it doesn't seem to have any function other than providing clip support for the top part of the case. If you click in and open the image up you can make out the (broken) quarter-circle plastic clips which grip either side of the protruding rod. It doesn't penetrate through a hole in the housing at the lower end but merely seems to begin there, so cutting it out hasn't made any difference to its function as far as I can make out.
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Re: Replacing the dashboard plastic PCB

Postby matthewn » 11 Feb 2019, 17:38

@cjh I have send you a PM I would like to buy a kit please :)

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