Sliding door repair time. Any advice?

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Re: Sliding door repair time. Any advice?

Postby nesty » 05 May 2019, 01:04

diabolov wrote:Hi Chewbacca,

I've never been able to ''push'' the sliding door closed, it's always needed a run up. I think it's because
off the small swing in at the back of the door for the lock to grab the peg, you need momentum for that to be
forceful enough to overcome that change of direction as the back of the door comes in. Hence Swishbang!

Lubrication wise, I use a squirt of 3in1 lithium grease on the top and middle runners where I can't
get my sausage fingers in and a small smear of grease ordinare along the bottom run, where I can.


Same as mine, though my door when closed when you pull down outer handle, it doesn't unlock away, (I have to place my fingers in-between other right hand end), then light pull out whilst pulling down handle, this procedure works for me, as if I forget to actually lock it, someone trying the handle think it's locked! :lol:
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