Early 1.9DG - Starts, runs for a moment, dies.

Big lumps of metals and spanners. Including servicing and fluids.

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Re: Early 1.9DG - Starts, runs for a moment, dies.

Postby CovKid » 11 Jul 2018, 21:51

As Kev says, for correct function, the carb relies on a steady and predictable 'suck' (vacuum) from the engine which should be airtight except where it needs it. Conversely, as well as air leaks making idle impossible, a totally clogged air filter can reduce air so much, it dies. This last one, took me some time to discover. It was after a very pollen-laden Summer. Easily ruled out by removing filter or taking airbox off top of carb, :D

Quite a few of us give replies in everyday speak. I always use this approach when I develop a new project. I assume (by default) that the owner has just a fiver in their pocket, very few tools and limited knowledge. I say that, because (despite my now accrued knowledge), I was exactly like that myself when I started 30 years ago.
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Re: Early 1.9DG - Starts, runs for a moment, dies.

Postby captain Byrne » 12 Jul 2018, 06:51

nsjtaylor wrote:All sorted. Van now runs fine.

Choke pull-down arrived, so I fitted that to the rebuilt carb and installed. All vac pipes replaced. Bus runs like a champ once more.

I'll still investigate the diz vac advance and make sure it's 100%.

Thanks for your help and suggestions/advice, folk.

Great news, glad you've got it sorted.
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