1.9 DG engine camshaft

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1.9 DG engine camshaft

Postby philmcC » 12 Feb 2018, 16:54

Assembling parts for 1.9 DG engine rebuild into 2.1 MV. The 1.9 DG camshaft is in good condition. Is it completely unsuitable for the 2.1 MV engine and if I needed to change it could I get it read profiled at Newman's camshaft workshop?.philmcC
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Re: 1.9 DG engine camshaft

Postby 123-jn » 12 Feb 2018, 17:12

I am no cam expert but I would be suprised if there was enough metal in the right places to reprofile a DG to an MV?
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Re: 1.9 DG engine camshaft

Postby itchyfeet » 12 Feb 2018, 19:46

I would go as far as to say it's not possible, the DG cam has far less lift so you would have to grind a DG to such a small diameter to get a DJ profile it would not be good for the cam or the lifters.

If it was viable people would already be doing it.

Newmans will cut you a DJ/MV onto an Aircooled blank , I paid about 90 quid but beware they seem to get the timing out, perhaps they can't cut the cam exact as the blank is limited, this means you ideally need an adjustable cam adapter for your WBX gear, the air cooled gear is not adjustable, you can only time it one tooth increments ( 14.4 crank degrees) and there are no different size Aircooled gears to cope with backlash, you just have to live with it.

Adjustable cam adapters afaik only come from Vanistan and there is a 3 off min order.

You could ask Newman about the timing to see if they can get it right, I did and sent a DJ cam but the cam was out by about 18 crank degrees, they did cut it just after xmas so they may have just forgotten.

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