1.9 wb pierburg 2e3 carb wont idle

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1.9 wb pierburg 2e3 carb wont idle

Postby crickard33 » 09 Jan 2018, 09:48

:D Hi ,

i have a 1.9 dg waterboxer with a pierburg carburetor, it was running great always little hard to start from cold and after a lay off , however yesterday i took her for a run and she lost power and died, i restarted her and she was a lumpy but would tick over until the throttle was touched, then died , but would start again every time and do the same, did this maybe 10 times.

I then sprayed carb cleaner in , and she was revving properly pulled away and she then died after changing gear.

now she will fire up on starting and but wont idle and immediately dies , checked leads dizzy good spark , fuel filter, fuel is coming through the manual pump well , found a small amount of wax in the small conical filter, i checked the vacuum hoses when she was running lumpy and they seemed to be working.

I am thinking the float is stuck would that be the cause , so would you great people recommend a strip down and rebuild or have any other ideas.

your thoughts are much appreciated

"just checked again and the vacuum pipe to the air filter was not on properly , now recharging the battery to see if she will fire up"

* well got her started and took her for a run over an hour and a half , a little hesitant for the first 10 minutes,when i pulled up and turned her off and restarted she didn't fire up as she usually would when warm from first turn , had to put foot on accelerator like some have mentioned for a warm start, maybe everything is ok will leave her overnight and try to start her again "
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