Right then everyone! - especially Newly Registered Users

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Right then everyone! - especially Newly Registered Users

Postby HarryMann » 07 Oct 2009, 00:48

Club 80-90 has 3 Admins and 5 Moderators and Events co-ordinators
They all have fairly well defined responsibilities here, and workshare their tasks pretty well

On the Admin side, Steve has the main Membership Admin responsibility.

Some may have noticed that the number of registered users is slowly creeping up towards 10,000 (Of course, many are relatively or totally inactive these days, but...

thats still quite a lot, maybe 1,000 or more different logons every week.

There's 2 things that take alot of our time, and its growing to annoying proportions.

1) Users are not keeping their email details updated in their user profiles >> floods of undeliverable email warnings to us - usually due to PM or Post Reply notifications.Current troublesome user mail accounts

2) Forgotten usernames and passwords

To solve 1) we are probably going to have to start turning off email notifications for those users who can't maintain a reliable email account, or have typed their email address inccorrectly :(
Please only turn notifications back on when you have checked that your email service actually works, if we find it bouncing then will probably turn it back off :( :(

To solve 2) please always write your username and password down (in your little black book kept in your bottom draw :wink: )


On the other hand:- Please do not hesitate to email forum@80-90.co.uk if you are having problems logging on. But if you do, please include your username, we are good at guessing but not fully psychic every day of the week.
We just would like the incidences of forgetfullness to reduce a bit :)

We can also resolve problems of genuinely forgotten usernames, 99 times out a 100, but helps if you give us a clue on the name and the email address that you originally registered with (rather than a different one!)

PS. We know there have been New User Registration problems for the last week or two, which were resolved last Friday. If you know anybody who tried and failed to get registered then again, get them to email us at forum@80-90.co.uk (Please always put something meaningful in the Subject Line to attract attention! e.g Can't logon - Please help)
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