Rare Syncro Caravelle for sale

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Rare Syncro Caravelle for sale

Postby jafo » 22 Oct 2018, 11:09

We have owned 2 very rare 1990s Caravelle Synchros. Rare because they were the only two supplied to the UK on 16 inch wheels. This means that they had higher ground clearance, and obviously different gearbox or diffs to account for the larger wheels. We owned both from new. Right hand drive, 2.1lt fuel injection petrol, red, seven seaters.

Anyhow....one was sold, and the one that we still have was restored. Bought a new complete engine from VW (not a reconditioned one) which has only covered 30,000 miles. Transmission, gearbox, diffs and everything else all good.

Then a disaster. We had a fire in the vehicle, and couldn't reach the fire extinguisher because it was in the fire. Stood and watched her burn until locals arrived. Interior destroyed.

To give some idea of what was saved, the tyres were not blown or melted, and we towed her away. Underneath seems OK. Transmission, low mileage engine, running gear, brakes, wheels etc. Lights etc all good. Bodywork was warped by the heat, so we don't think that she's economic or practical to rebuild, and she's now an insurance write-off.

However, she has so many good components, and is such a rare beast (being on 16 inch wheels), that it would be criminal to put her in the crusher. Somebody must want to salvage all that they can? It's the interior that was really burnt.

So, we were paid out over £11k by the insurance, but then we bought the old girl back from the insurance company to save her from the scrap yard. Sadly, she is classified as a Categoty B write off. The reg was J48 WRF.

Anyone interested? Too many useful and rare parts to just throw her away. Oh, by the way, she is dry stored, and has been since the fire. We're based in the midlands near to Stafford. £1000 o.n.o UPDATE 22/10/2018: She's generating a great deal of interest from the UK and Europe, and I have already had several offers for well over £1500

Please call me on 07970 857451 or email jon@wickersworld.co.uk
I've added some pictures to my Dropbox account and you can download them here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/25yws7ntk716 ... ZSlKa?dl=0
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