1.9 DG engine for sale

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1.9 DG engine for sale

Postby 123-jn » 13 Mar 2018, 22:34

This is my spare engine, it came out of my camper when I decided to upgrade to a 2.1 DJ. My van is an Auto and this gearbox really saps the power from the engine, Hill climbing was very tedious. The 1.9 engine was rebuilt when it sprung a headseal leak shortly after I had it. It had some new head studs, new cam, new bearings and thrusts, new oil and water pump, new rings and honed bores. The heads had some new valve guides and all the valves re lapped. It was then lovingly rebuilt with new gaskets. It ran around in my van on LPG for just over a year when I started the 2.1 rebuild. I then swapped the engines over . I had been noticing a bit of a leak from one head on the 1.9 which was now out and had read horror stories about reusing the big end bolts so I decided to sort out these two things so my spare was A1. I stripped the 1.9 down again , replaced all the big end bolts with non stretch ones and replaced the cracked head with an AMC one having lapped the valves etc. The other head had a couple of loose valve guides on the inlets so I also changed the guides in that head and relapped the valves etc. The 1.9 was then treated to a coat of BRG and rebuilt with new gaskets again. It has since sat in my shed awaiting a disaster which has never occurred!! It is complete with water and oil pump ,tappets , scat telescopic tubes but has no flywheel as the flex plate is on my present engine in the van. I am building an MV at present as a spare and do not need two spares. So here are some pics
The big question is what is it worth, well the rebuild cost at least £500 just in parts and that is without all the stainless nuts etc which it is put together with and the second set of gaskets!! Obviously it hasn't run since the change of rod bolts and new head but was running great before it came out of the van. So I assume it will run fine again.
Send me a PM if you are interested I would like to recoup my parts cost at the very least.
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