1.9 tdi Passat lower cam cover

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1.9 tdi Passat lower cam cover

Postby MyWifeNods » 12 Jul 2018, 13:44

Sorry if this is a stupid question (I'm brand new to T25 ownership and new to the forum!). Also not technically gifted :oops:

I have just bought a 1980 T25 with a replacement 1995 VW Passat 1.9tdi engine (1Z) installed and there is no bottom cam cover fitted.

Having just had the cambelt and tensioner changed as a precaution, I obtained the part no. from VW Heritage (028109127J) but my mechanic says it doesn't fit.

I was wondering if it's OK to drive around without a bottom cam cover (sounds like it's asking for trouble to me) and was wondering if anyone else has ecountered this.

Also looking for a T25 specialist local to me in West Sussex.

Thanks in advance.
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