Overfuelling in a Golf Mk2 8V 1.8 (PB Code) Digifant

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Overfuelling in a Golf Mk2 8V 1.8 (PB Code) Digifant

Postby Stefvan » 09 Jul 2018, 08:18

been having some starting problems - van would start fine from cold but would struggle to start when hot requiring a couple of RAC callouts and a trip on a low loader ! Garage replaced Distributor cap, HT Leads, Plugs, and Coil, and the van now starts Ok. They did say, that the starting problems were caused by overfuelling, which they couldn't sort without dropping the engine out to access the injectors, and suggested I see how I got on as it stood. Now I can hear the overfuelling.. it burbles and pops on the overrun. Just wondering what I can check to try to sort it out. Going to pull out the multimeter and the Bentley and try to test the sensors that I think control fuelling, the MAF, and the blue temperature sensor on the head. Can I do a quick check though, by unplugging the sensors in turn and driving around to see if it makes a difference ? And can I check for the resistance of the temp sensor at the plug side of the ECU ? Is the polarity of the cables to the temp sensor important as I have a temp sensor plug with different coloured cables coming out of it, soldered to the harness ?


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Re: Overfuelling in a Golf Mk2 8V 1.8 (PB Code) Digifant

Postby Theclash » 15 Jul 2018, 10:37

The blue temp sender on the head does indeed control the fuelling and if faulty is probably telling the ecu engine is in choke mode ,for the cost I would just replace it but only use original part from Vw
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