Temperature gauge not working

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Temperature gauge not working

Postby sandyman » 14 Oct 2017, 21:09

Since fitting an aaz into my T25 the temp gauge has never really worked- it's only ever registered a tiny bit. To someone who didn't know it seems as though the needle doesn't move at all. That is until one day, while running the van to check all was fine with a newly-installed water pump, the needle suddenly shot up to max and the red warning light came on...I thought the worst! Pulled up immediately by the side of the road, looked into a very hot engine bay to discover one of the coolant hoses had split. After all that was fixed, the temp gauge magically started working! What's more, whereas before the glow plug lights never went off, now they were functioning normally. Sadly, the working gauge didn't last and am back to square one- always with the fear that I won't get any warning if she decides to start overheating! Please help!!
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