Changing my engine over

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Changing my engine over

Postby Jay68 » 19 May 2014, 16:50

I have a t25 syncro 1.6td I have just brought a 1.9td aaz engine out of a golf mk3. I have been to see a guy about changing it over and he is asking do I need to change the clutch to the 1.9 ??!! I'm new to all this, so I'm looking for some advise from anyone who has made the change.
What do I need to change when the new engine goes in !!??
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Re: Changing my engine over

Postby Simon Baxter » 19 May 2014, 19:00

In a nutshell...
Strip all the stuff off the Aaz so you have a block, head and injection pump mounting bracket and vac pump.
Take off the crank pulley and inspect the nose of the crank. If okay then new pulley and bolt and rebuild as a 1.6td.
Jx oil pump and sump, Jx flywheel and clutch.
Fit a spigot shaft bearing and a block bung.
If your 1.6 injection gear is good then use that.
If you have the injection pump with semi electronic control then you'll need a new pump bracket.
Only other gotcha is the inlet manifold. I prefer to tig the inlet manifold from the 1.6td and match port it to a 1.9d/td/TDI inlet gasket.
If you do it like that it will fit and work, be robust and use all parts off the shelf like exhausts and such.
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Re: Changing my engine over

Postby syncroandy » 19 May 2014, 19:42

I like that, succinct. Maybe you should add a link to your AAZ article on BY in your first post in:

Diesel Alternative Engines..... Read before asking questions


E D I T. I've PM'ed a mod requesting the first post on those threads actually contains something useful :roll: , such as links to Brickyard articles etc.
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