Temperature in AAZ

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Temperature in AAZ

Postby nickelo » 06 Dec 2018, 13:33

Hello i recently mounted an AAZ in my T3. I renneved all coolant circuit, silicon hoses, inox tubes, african radiator, termostats and sensors. Temp gauge marks 3/4 of total when engine is hot (normal run), its this normal? What is normal working temp of this engine in a T3? I Plan to read temp wiht a laser and put regulable resistance to lowering gauge.

Thanks and greetings.
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Re: Temperature in AAZ

Postby jas915 » 06 Dec 2018, 13:51

General 55-60mph mines is just to the right of centre,goes a little higher if going up hill,up to the right of the led.also I've noticed my temp gauge reads higher if I have and heating on,has always done this and have had the van 10year,bit strange.mine is aaz
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