Ashes in Ashes.

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Ashes in Ashes.

Postby Jim San » 08 Sep 2019, 17:46

Well done Australia, very deserved retention.
A brave effort by England to bat out the day but chances were slimmer than a slim thing.

I know its a slow pace game and not to everyone's liking but it's just not the boring game people think it is. I've been hooked, some amazing cricket has been played.
Steve Smith, previous offences aside, is probably the finest batsmen ever & the innings Stokes pulled off at Edgbaston was one of the most nail biting and best you'll see.

One more test to go which will leave us even closer to the start of the Rugby World Cup - happy days
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Re: Ashes in Ashes.

Postby Michael4 » 09 Sep 2019, 09:06

In a rather good sci fi book whose title I cannot remember the hero uses drugs created specially for the Martian police force to speed up and enhance his reactions. These result in jittery and unpredictable actions as well as dropping his eyesight down to infra red (I think).

How did Steve Smith get 'em?
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Re: Ashes in Ashes.

Postby lefty67 » 09 Sep 2019, 10:39

"Steve Smith, previous offences aside, is probably the finest batsmen ever"
Oooh controversial statement. Certainly a very effective batsman but not the easiest to watch, unlike Tendulkar, Kohli, Ponting and Cook.
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Re: Ashes in Ashes.

Postby paperhouselad » 09 Sep 2019, 11:13

Small margins make a big difference, droppeď on 60 odd, out of a no ball etc smith made us pay dearly. Plays in a unique style not coached, he looks ambidextrous how he moves and plays, knows his limitations and sticks to his gameplan religously apart from batting with tailenders etc. Would be interesting to see how a better captain with a disciplined attack managed him. On englands part though inept selection of some players left me baffled.
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Re: Ashes in Ashes.

Postby Mocki » 09 Sep 2019, 14:36

fire up the quatro!!!....
oh wait.... opps! in, not to
tel / txt 07947137911
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