Three wheels on my wagon

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Three wheels on my wagon

Postby 937carrera » 05 Sep 2018, 19:17

... but not a Volkswagen.

Followed a BMW X5 earlier today on a dual carriageway. As I followed it the OSR tyre seemed to have a bit of movement. At first I thought a blister, then I thought badly fitted wheel trim, before deciding that an X5 would have alloy wheels.

This was the point I realised it was loose wheel bolts, and it the wheel came off I would be the first upon the scene. At the earliest opportunity I pulled alongside, got his attention and signalled him to pull over.

All the bolts were loose, he'd just had a new tyre fitted. Fortunately I was carrying a torque wrench with me.

You would have thought he would have noticed something wrong from behind the wheel :roll:
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Re: Three wheels on my wagon

Postby RogerT » 05 Sep 2018, 20:19

937carrera wrote:
You would have thought he would have noticed something wrong from behind the wheel :roll:

I dunno though, I’m ashamed to say I drove over 100 miles thinking “that’s a funny noise, hope I get to my destination ok...”

A wobbly wheel... :oops:
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Re: Three wheels on my wagon

Postby moggymorgan » 06 Sep 2018, 09:23

i followed a young mum in her car trying to get her to pull over as she had a flat rear tyre.after several miles she stopped, never knew it was flat.i changed it for her as she didn`t have a clue what to do.
john & jenny
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Re: Three wheels on my wagon

Postby Dubworth » 06 Sep 2018, 09:28

Unfortunately a lot of drivers seem rather clueless of an impending fault, or of most means of basic vehicle maintenance these days :(
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Re: Three wheels on my wagon

Postby Chalawandan » 06 Sep 2018, 11:15

years ago with my dad, took my bay for a test drive after rear wheel brake, backing plate, etc job.
got 400 yds to the nearest roundabout when the ns wheel fell off. fortunately the drum caught on the rim and the wheel in the arch, so no real damage.
I was mortified, until dad said he'd done the same in his morris oxford in '73 and a wheel had gone bouncing into oncoming traffic...
I now triple check the nuts are tight after any wheel off work
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Re: Three wheels on my wagon

Postby T25 Newbie » 06 Sep 2018, 12:37

Some years ago in my Citroen Xsara i was on the motorway in fast lane with 4 in the car, put a foot on brake and nothing! really scary but managed to get over to hard shoulder

Managed to limp to a tyre and brake centre who diagnosed and fixed the fault (brakes dragging because load sensor faulty = boiled brake fluid)

Then as we drove back to the motorway I thought this doesn't feel right and went back to tyre place where we found they had not done any wheelnuts up at all apart from finger tight

that's on ALL 4 Wheells!!!!!!!!

Imagine if i'd got on the motorway......
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Re: Three wheels on my wagon

Postby Mr Bean » 06 Sep 2018, 15:23

On the other hand so to speak:
We had a delimited dual carriageway connecting a B road to the motorway avoiding the town center. A young lady having collected her car from a local garage was travelling along same road when a wheel came off and she loosing her life in the ensuing crash. Upon investigation it was determined that the pneumatic gun used to tighten the wheel nuts was set grossly above the specified value resulting in all four studs snapping. Judging by the struggle we sometimes have to get the damned things off for the first time maybe this over tightening thing isn't that unusual.

But then my front off side suspension on my Triumph Herald collapsed when the lower rising hinge style lower wishbone joint snapped when on a roundabout after a high speed dash from Dover to Chingford Essex.

My mate Trumped :twisted: me though by loosing two lots of suspension by thrashing over the cattle grills every day at St Neots.

Not uncommon on Morris Minors either. :roll:
Mr Bean
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