French holiday weather ..

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French holiday weather ..

Postby sarran1955 » 05 Jul 2018, 18:57

and the thunderstorm of the 4th of July.. :!: :!:


Normally an American Festival, the 4th of July produced this thunderstorm across SW France...


with 36650 lightning strikes and winds of 116 kph in Dordogne... :shock: :shock:

The weather forecast is now for 2 weeks of calm good weather...'estivale'..

I hope no ones' camping stuff got blown away.. :roll:


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Re: French holiday weather ..

Postby multisi » 05 Jul 2018, 19:28

That lightning storm at the end of may last year was insane, we could hear it coming up and it went straight over the islands and across the channel to hit the south coast between poole and Portsmouth. Scary stuff , the French know how to make a good thunder storm.
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Re: French holiday weather ..

Postby silverbullet » 05 Jul 2018, 21:53

Love a good continental thunderstorm to clear the air.

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Re: French holiday weather ..

Postby Titus A Duxass » 06 Jul 2018, 04:18

We would love a big thunderstorm and a few days of steady rain.

No real rain since April and temps in the 30s.
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