RIP Steve Shaw (Gasure)

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Re: RIP Steve Shaw (Gasure)

Postby lefty67 » 28 Jun 2018, 10:17

Such a sad loss. My condolences to his family and friends.
Like many others he kept my air cooled on the road, always happy to help and give advice. Genuine guy who always had time for a chat wether it was vans or bass fishing.
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Re: RIP Steve Shaw (Gasure)

Postby Karen&co » 28 Jun 2018, 17:34

Gosh what sad news! Steve was just lovely when we went over for a T25 training day at his garage when we got our first van.

Our thoughts are with all his friends and family x
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Re: RIP Steve Shaw (Gasure)

Postby Porkscratching » 28 Jun 2018, 21:34

I am shocked and saddened by this news. I am someone who speeks my mind and my dealings with Steve were a joy. To say he'd go the extra mile simply sums up the man. Beyond that, he was a gentleman, a generous gentleman.

Sincere condolences to family, loved ones and friends, of which there will be many.

Kindest regards, Max.
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Re: RIP Steve Shaw (Gasure)

Postby crazyhorse » 29 Jun 2018, 09:44

Oh my word. I cant believe it. My condolences. He was the only guy i would trust with my van and would drive up esp from south Wales. I am shocked. Rest in peace.
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Re: RIP Steve Shaw (Gasure)

Postby clift_d » 29 Jun 2018, 11:14

So sorry to hear about this - our condolences to his family and colleagues.
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Re: RIP Steve Shaw (Gasure)

Postby hightop ratty » 29 Jun 2018, 11:17

A very well respected guy in the T25 scene taken too early :-(
didn't know him, but his reputation went before him.
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Re: RIP Steve Shaw (Gasure)

Postby nesty » 29 Jun 2018, 15:16

Sad news and sorry to hear this. I met Steve in 2010, when had my van LPG converted. A real decent chap and very friendly.
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Re: RIP Steve Shaw (Gasure)

Postby thebobster » 29 Jun 2018, 17:14


One of this world's genuine gentlemen. Steve Shaw always went the extra mile to make sure his customer was happy with the work done on their vehicle. He will be very sorely missed by everyone who came into contact with him in whatever capacity. He took his precious time to show new owners how to get the best from their vans. The quality of his workmanship was of the finest and he never tried to kid anybody into paying for additional work that was not needed. One way to judge a mechanic is to see how tidy and clean they keep their workshop and tools. You could drop in on Steve anytime and his premises were never in a mess. A place for everything and everything in its place.
Steve's interest in this club's members was often shown in thoughtfully and unusual little ways. We have read about his free training weekends and such but another generous gesture was that he would occasionally make was to provide a serviced portaloo toilet shed for the use primarily of female members attending shows or events, and would pay for it out out of his own pocket.
Another side to Steve of which people may or may not be aware was his passionate love of the Welsh countryside and in particular Inys Môn, the Island of Anglesea. I know he used to get away there when he could.
I would like to offer my sincere condolences to all of his family and close friends. He was a "Real Diamond Geezer" who was taken from us too early and too young.
Steve Shaw. R. I. P.
Bob 8)
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Re: RIP Steve Shaw (Gasure)

Postby weimarbus » 29 Jun 2018, 19:58

A sad loss to his family and our community, although running a business he took the time to recommend a parts list for my home installed LPG conversion, few people would have bothered for no gain, a true gentleman.
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Re: RIP Steve Shaw (Gasure)

Postby Fritz » 29 Jun 2018, 22:59

Thanks to ROB for letting me know of this sad event, I made a point of trying to get to know both Simon Baxter and Steve Shaw the two guys who started all this madness we call club 80-90.

Through this forum I have met many like mined people who have an immediate connection many I can call on if I was ever in trouble in their area.

I'm sure Steve was proud of the people who went on to moderate this forum and all of the gatherings that have happened in the past as well as the ones that continue to this day.

R.I.P Big man.


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Re: RIP Steve Shaw (Gasure)

Postby evilnoodle » 30 Jun 2018, 06:12

Very sad news indeed :(
Jane :-)

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Re: RIP Steve Shaw (Gasure)

Postby tinakersting » 30 Jun 2018, 08:58

I am very sorry to hear that, I didnt have the opportunity to meet Steve, but he was obviously a special chap.
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Re: RIP Steve Shaw (Gasure)

Postby RCN » 01 Jul 2018, 10:24

Sad news. Fitted my buddies lpg system. Top bloke
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Re: RIP Steve Shaw (Gasure)

Postby timber technician » 01 Jul 2018, 19:29

Shocked and saddened at the news.
Steve was a top man with the true 80-90 spirit.
He fitted our lpg in about 2005, he helped us out when our van misbehaved at Bus types show one year, he put work our way when we did high tops and camper interiors. We returned this putting work his way. Whenever our paths crossed he would pass the time away with open and frank chats about T25s and life in general.

Our thoughts are to your family and friends at this great loss.

R.I.P Steve.

Dave and Margaret
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Re: RIP Steve Shaw (Gasure)

Postby Mocki » 03 Jul 2018, 17:21

As I am sure many of you now know, Steve Shaw ( died suddenly on Tuesday 26th June ( natural causes)
Steve along with Simon (Brickwerks) Baxter founded Club80-90 , and until 2004 Steve was Club Admin , when he handed the admin duties over to concentrate on Gasure .
This forum and its many pages of collective knowledge would quite possibly not exist if it wasn’t for Steve and Simon - a good amount of you using this forum would not know the friends you have made here and many more would have given up on their vans without the resource that is club80-90 . For that alone Club80-90 should make the effort to give a fitting send off .

His funeral will be held Wrexham at 3pm on Monday 9ths July and Club80-90 is going to contribute a floral tribute , and we had hoped for a good turnout of vans to follow Steve from Gasure ( leaving approx 13.30hrs) to Wrexham , however there seems to be a disappointing amount of take up on this and to date it’s just 5 vans !

If any of you can make , it would be much appreciated, please add your names here
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