Self employed question

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Re: Self employed question

Postby Moonrakers » 09 Jan 2018, 22:16

Consider getting an accountant ASAP. I have been self employed for years, my accountant turned me into a limited company and all I need to tell you is that I have never paid anywhere near 20% of my earnings. It's my job to save for the tax bill, the Government's job to calculate what I owe and the accountant's in the middle to file the return and use his experience to employ every possible tactic to minimise my taxable earnings, all completelly legally. I have been audited once and was found to owe nothing.

My accountant has saved me not only the pain of filing returns but also thousands and thousands of extra unnecessary taxes over the last 15 years as well has his own fee, bless him. Get one on the case...
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Re: Self employed question

Postby Da dan » 11 Jan 2018, 20:58

Get a good and legitimate accountant he will save you what he/she costs with minimum stress and safe knowledge all is being done properly. Pay what’s owed and be happier. Self employment is hard but much better. It the way forward for a national of shop keepers as Churchill said!! 20 yrs now, would have earned more with a proper job but love life to much for that. Good luck

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Re: Self employed question

Postby kevtherev » 14 Jan 2018, 18:04

Well that went well
With assistance from my accountant (no charge)
I submitted my return.

Happy to say my holiday in france is paid for next year!

Thanks all for you help
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