Your Worst DIY Mistake

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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby Sir Brixalot » 08 Oct 2017, 10:46

Ouch followed by *&&%%$ $$%^^!
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby Chocciemuffin » 08 Oct 2017, 12:56

Mine was saying to myself "it's a bit pricy getting someone in to install that kitchen, why not do it yourself?" Now I know I'm capable (well I think I probably am) but I've been putting off finishing it for about 18 months and can't find the installation instructions for a few bits so I'm cursing myself for not just coughing up and taking the easy road.
(And trawling through here isn't getting that worktop installed any quicker...)
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby muggins » 13 Oct 2017, 12:19

Not a diy mistake but.......Started work at a coach firm supposedly to run (single handed) car repair side of business, coach repairs were done by owner or ad hoc self employed mechanic. So 1st day on job no car work so owner says to me "get coach No *** over the pit and jack it up and adjust the brakes" off he toddles for his extended lunch. 1st thing reverse A E C Plaxton Supreme 1967 vintage in a dog leg around petrol pumps and over pit. Coach just fits after many shunts and two watching drivers then merrily say " if youd asked we would have done that for you its a piece of p$$s when you do it every night like we do!!"
Hey ho aint the Yorkshire wit wonderful, so using 2 bottle jacks up she goes and off comes 2 wheels on one side, round t`other side, 1 wheel off 7/8 of 2nd wheel off then there is a sound akin to a 200 year old front door creaking open then a groan and bump and there sits 10 ton of coach down on it`s a**e as both bottle jacks topple over.
OOOps or a lot of similar harsh words, in comes 2 coach drivers laughing there t**s off and there is me thinking how the **** do I get out of this one. Well when the poo hits the fan us Yorkshire lads muck in and get it sorted, next thing I see is 2 smartly dressed drivers crawling under said coach to remove pit boards and getting down into pit to help get the monster back up in the air!!.
Never a word was said to the boss by any of us, no one was injured (only my pride) but I was a few quid lighter after work on Friday night plying my new best friends with good old Stones best bitter.
H & S at work did not play a big part in our working life in 1977 esp in small businesses.
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby clift_d » 14 Oct 2017, 09:17

camper wrote:Moral of this story is don't use scissor jacks on unsafe ground :ok

A bigger lesson to learn is don't go under any vehicle that's only supported on a jack of any kind. Get it on a jack stand and chuck the spare underneath as a failsafe.
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby silverbullet » 14 Oct 2017, 09:30

...and always chock the wheels, on both sides if in any doubt or on an incline.

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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistakes

Postby adie89 » 27 Oct 2017, 14:27

To revive an amusing thread.
Last week a couple of young lads took a vehicle for transmission filters. Instead of removing the drain plug for the filters they removed the fuel tank drain plug next to it. 1500litres of diesel later, one very smelly pit.

Personally i spent three days fault finding my non starting audi s4 after refitting the engine, to realise I hadn't nipped up the earth braid. Started first turn after that.

Couple of years ago when I fitted our Subaru lump to our Syncro, spent six hours fault finding a non starter til I finally realised at three in the morning that my self made loom was perfect, but the fuel feed and return lines were the wrong way round.
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby campervanster » 12 Dec 2017, 10:42

Used my gas grill with the wooden work top down! Plumes of smoke and must have been just seconds away from the whole van going up in flames. Caught it just in time! It was the first camping trip out too since re-doing the interior!
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby Ian and Lins » 13 Dec 2017, 13:26

Embarrassing; but I was young. I had a Bonnie T120v and decided it needed a top end overhaul. Got two small ends from Wilemans in Derby and pressed 'em in correctly. Then they needed reaming to size. I knew full well what reaming was and how to do it. I decided to wrap some emery paper around a dowl and 'size' them that way. The re-build lasted nearly a week before it seized a small end and broke a rod.
Are we going on anything else?

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