Your Worst DIY Mistake

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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby Jim San » 15 Sep 2017, 07:07

I was showing a yr11 how NOT to use a sharp bevel edged chisel by burying it into the palm of my hand - A&E.

Luckily showing no one this time how to flick up a length of 1.5" square mahogony from the back of a table saw and stop it with my face. 13 stitches and unable to shave for 10 days got me the nic name of action man. Surgeon did a top job as scar on my face is barely visible.
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby bigbadbob76 » 15 Sep 2017, 11:22

I'm sure I have lots, but Itchy reminded me of one.
Doing a homer at work, grinding steel in the workshop without putting the jellymould over the fire alarm sensor.
Result- whole site evacuated to the car park and fire brigade called, two engines turned up in spite of me telling security it was my fault and there was no fire. :roll:

Another one was splicing a cable under a submarine, nicely cooked joint just finished when I noticed the heatshrink sleeve grinning at me from the dock bottom. gaffer said something like... Robert, you plonker!!!
except I don't think he was that polite. :lol:

Brazing a bike fuel tank without letting the fumes clear first, no damage but a loud pop and and an even louder heartbeat.
the list goes on...... luckily I seem to make fewer cockups as I get older. something must be sinking in.
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby Citizen Smith » 15 Sep 2017, 21:00

Getting more brave now:
Many yonks ago I was oxy-acetylene welding my then son-in-laws escort on my mates Garage/petrol station workshop car lift with him sitting inside with a watering can when I burst through what I thought was the floor and saw flames in the car. I hollered up for him to put it out and he said he couldn't find it. I worked out that it was under the rear bench seat and suggested he lift it to access the flames. However a previous owner had stuffed it with foam rubber and PK'd it down. So we declared it an emergency and:
My mate brought a hose and as I pulled it to get at the flames it stopped and i found that he was trying to hold a joint together and was getting wetter than the fire. Then someone turned up with a giant extinguisher and when he turned it upside down to bang it on the floor to start it bounced up bloodying his nose and failed to start. By this time people were coming from the house with all sorts of water carriers including a teapot - tea bags and all. I could feel the petrol tank warming up so lowered the hoist intending to roll it out of the workshop but when I got it down I realized we had the wheels off. Then I got the workshop doors open so we could shove it out anyway but found a Range Rover with no keys parked outside the door. So we started to push it towards the other door but that was also obstructed by another key less vehicle. By this time we were black with sticky soot and soaked through with anything remotely resembling water. Extinguisher man was bleeding all over everything and I was beginning to think of the consequences of a burned out garage/petrol station. We finally managed to tyre lever the rear seat out and put out the fire. When the fire crew arrived we were subjected to a severe dressing down followed by some friendly mickey taking. The notorious fire fighting teapot was recovered for tea all round. :oops: ooPs
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby tonytech » 15 Sep 2017, 22:27

Removing the engine from my bay window van, I was underneath disconnecting the petrol pipe. Safe in the knowledge that I had a pen top ready to plug the wet end. piipe came off, pen top went in, petrol came out... Bloody anti choke pen top had a hole right through.
Lost a couple of pints of petrol while I was looking for a propper plug... The grass never did grow again.

Early on in my T25 Automatic ownership, parked up to check a rattle behind the drivers seat, van neatly reversed itself into a wall.... I'd left it in reverse and the handbrake wasnt holding, drove off before anyone noticed, parked up 500yards further on and did the same again..(without the wall)

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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby DoubleOSeven » 15 Sep 2017, 23:56

Built two engines only to put the mini piston underneath the strain relief piston spring instead of on top of it?!

Wondered why I couldn't get the oil pressure up..only this forum saved me. Cheers Itchy.
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby itchyfeet » 16 Sep 2017, 07:32

DoubleOSeven wrote:Built two engines only to put the mini piston underneath the strain relief piston spring instead of on top of it?!

Wondered why I couldn't get the oil pressure up..only this forum saved me. Cheers Itchy.

Hehe I'd forgoten about that :lol:
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby ELVIS » 16 Sep 2017, 17:09

Hate to be a show off and post twice......

Oil related AGAIN :rofl

Finished Gti conversion and filled the environment up with oil!

Thats what happens when you don't have an oil filler neck OR a sump blanking plate fitted see.

Something to do with gravity/physics/buffoonery apparently :mrgreen:
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby Ian Hulley » 16 Sep 2017, 17:37

ELVIS wrote:Hate to be a show off and post twice......

Oil related AGAIN :rofl

Finished Gti conversion and filled the environment up with oil!

Thats what happens when you don't have an oil filler neck OR a sump blanking plate fitted see.

Something to do with gravity/physics/buffoonery apparently :mrgreen:

A guy at work poured a gallon of Castrol GTX straight through his Cortina and into the oil tub below it with his old oil :rofl .... to be fair though he DID end up with a spare toy XJ220 when he fetched another tin from't petrol station. :pimp
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby meggles » 16 Sep 2017, 18:46

Used a big lever to get the old pushrod tubes from my van so I could replace the rusty tubes with telescopic type. Should've removed ALL the pushrods first!!
Using an angle grinder (a big one) to cut a cara van frame up so I could sell the chassis as a trailer. The blade grabbed and the grinder was snatched out of my grip. My daughter and very young grandson were stood about 3 feet away (They'd walked up the drive unseen by me). Luckily it came down on my arm instead of them. Overnight stay in hospital and operation to re-attach the workings of my arm next day. Nice looking scar.
Welding a Datsun Violet inner sill in my garage which had a pit. I saw some bright 'flashes' dropping to the floor. I'd only set fire to the plastic trims inside the car!! Thankfully my car.
Doing a loft conversion at home I did the usual nail through the water pipe. Boring compared to the above!
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby colinthefox » 16 Sep 2017, 20:25

Talking of nails through pipes reminds me..............

Levering off a small piece of skirting board in the bottom of a cupboard. As it parted company quite suddenly, I had to put my hand down to balance, and one of the nails went into my wrist about an inch. When I pulled it out I realised that it had gone through the radial artery. I've never seen arterial bleeding before or since, but I won't forget what it looks like. After two spurts (when I realised how short a time it would take to empty me), I had my thumb over the hole, and kept it there all the way to A&E.

Oh, and I cut the end off my index finger in the bandsaw. Easy mistake to make.
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby Mocki » 17 Sep 2017, 11:19

Both T25 and club80-90 !

Years ago I was helping out at a secret hideout , cleaning a CU head up with a wire wheel on a angle grinder , mid winter , freezing workshop , happily wire brushing when the wire wheel grabbed my big "fishermans" styled jumper and wound itself into it, and me before I could remove the power ...... ended up with a proper big hole in my jumper , a really sore scratched belly and a wire wheel that resembled a pompom!

And then there was the time down in Bristol, we were rebuilding ( making one from two ) a syncro Doka , again , mid winter , I was busy rubbing down the bodywork prior to prepping for painting whilst someone else and my brother were grinding and welding another part of the bodywork above where I was working when I started to feel a little warm around the kneck and head , the ba*st'ds has set fire to me wolly hat , neither of them admitted whose sparks were to blame , and I lost a damn good hat !
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby camper » 01 Oct 2017, 14:31

Jacked up the front of a ford Cortina with a scissor jack on gravel.The jack started to slide away and collapsed with my hand and fingers trapped in it.Ambulance job taken to hospital where I was sent to the maintanace dept with a nurse and doctor in attendance whilst the jack was cut off .True story got the scars on my fingers still .Years later I was admitted to the same hospital for a back injury the consultant was doing the rounds and said to me I no you don't I my reply was don't think so . The consultant oh I do we don't have to many car jack injuiries he was the doctor on duty when I was taken to hospital years before.Moral of this story is don't use scissor jacks on unsafe ground :ok
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby Ian and Lins » 04 Oct 2017, 17:16

Classic one of using an angle grinder upside down under a car without goggles. Oooh, that smarts. Finally went to A&E a day or so later and a lovely doctor found a bit of (tiny) wire in my eye. Those who know will remember; the yellow dye to make it easier for the doc. to find, making everything you see go yellow. Chin in a cradle. Don't move and a very thin needle getting closer and closer to your pupil until it looks like a telegraph pole. A deft flick from the Doctor to get the bit out and then a tiny floating spot in my right eye vision for the rest of. Yes; I NEVER do any grinding etc without glasses or goggles now.
Are we going on anything else?

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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby Sir Brixalot » 04 Oct 2017, 19:10

Using an angle grinder for the first time in my life. Advice on here was to make sure clothes didn't get caught up. Sue enough a notted wire wheel got caught up in my T shirt and left loads of cuts on my belly. It was so fast I didn't realise until blood started dripping. Just as well it wasn't a cutting disc.
Not so bad but the other day removing the bed I smacked myself in the face when it suddenly came free - lump to face and bleeding gums swiftly ensued
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Re: Your Worst DIY Mistake

Postby kevtherev » 07 Oct 2017, 22:54

Oil change
I slipped over on a puddle of oil and cracked my head on the towball
The oil came from the drain hole that had no bung in it yet.
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