What did you do to your T25 today?

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What did you do to your T25 today?

Postby DoubleOSeven » 24 Sep 2018, 19:04

When you remove the middle seat of a Caravelle you are left with the M10 threaded holes in the floor to the outside world. I spent 3 years trying to find these buttons, got some from a breaking van in the end. Total OCD! No one will ever know they are there or care...well, except you guys of course!
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Re: What did you do to your T25 today?

Postby Alzey » 24 Sep 2018, 20:20

Ha ha at last, I have a caravelle and also removed the same seat and wondered how to fill those holes ..thanks. This site never ceases to amaze me
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Re: What did you do to your T25 today?

Postby Ant-t » 25 Sep 2018, 21:32

My van passed it's mot :D
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Re: What did you do to your T25 today?

Postby george2490 » 25 Sep 2018, 22:01

High five!

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Re: What did you do to your T25 today?

Postby Swebby » 29 Sep 2018, 17:52

Looked at getting rid of surface rust under some areas of the gutter trim and around the pop top latch. Had to lift the trim slightly so did that with a flat screwdriver. Sanded off, treated and then painted. Will put trim back down later.
Also scraped out a seam that looked as though the sealant had cracked and was weeping a bit of rust. Used a Stanley Knife to get most of it out, brush and sand and lots of rust killer. Painted and am just waiting to reseal.
Just glad I had a sunny afternoon to complete the work. Might need a torch to see what I am doing when I reseal though!

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Re: What did you do to your T25 today?

Postby mshaw1980 » 11 Oct 2018, 20:49

Had my boys motorbike in the back of the van ready to go and watch him ride with the family. Stopped at the mother in laws for something. Subaru T25 starter motor completely dead! Not even a click. Ignition switch ok, earth and feeds all good and getting correct voltage so ordered a new one....and received one for an automatic Scooby. Ahhh. Another two day wait for a part. Hopefully out in it this weekend :ok
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Re: What did you do to your T25 today?

Postby kevtherev » 11 Oct 2018, 21:37

Completed my engine transplant
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Re: What did you do to your T25 today?

Postby LeeME3 » 15 Oct 2018, 10:37

Finally got round to fitting the Propex. No photos of it installed as it was v dark by the time I finished! Here it is on the bench with mounting feet and inlet / exhaust hoses in place for test running.


Nothing too tricky about it but a long and fiddly job mainly due to having to work in confined spaces deep inside a cupboard. Would be a lot easier if it was done when the interior was being fitted - like many of these jobs. I also sorted out the gas system on board which I basically didn't use before as it lacked basics such as isolation valves, gas bottle restraining strap, gas drop vents etc...!!!

It's an older HS1600 but works very well. I put rubber feet under the brackets and have it quite deep inside a cupboard so the noise isn't too intrusive. In retrospect I wish I'd found a way to have a longer run from the heater warm air outlet to the 'gasper' valve where it exits into the van but with a big LPG tank under the bench seat that wouldn't have been easy - reason being most of the noise seems to be fan noise conducted along that pipe and a longer run might have reduced it a bit. However, a bit of suitably rated insulation packed around the ducting will possibly help.

Drilling holes in the van floor wasn't too bad - the bit I'd been dreading the most! Surprised at how hot the exhaust pipe gets so have ordered the correct insulation / lagging sleeve to go over it. It will be in contact with the underside of the vehicle and I don't want it melting the underseal!

I was originally going to fit an older X1 Hotbox (the original Propex!) but then this HS1600 came my way complete with thermostat and ducting. It is in hardly used condition so it was the obvious choice. I'll either fit the Hotbox in the Eriba Puck or (more likely) sell it on - it has been tested and works well. For both the X1 and the HS1600 I got great advice from Propex themselves despite both products being out of production - by a very long time in the case of the X1 Hotbox!

A very simple job by the standards of many on here but I'm a little nervous of gas stuff so just took it very slowly and very carefully. Reading up on various forums there is an awful lot of ignorance about these sorts of heaters so when in doubt I asked the manufacturer. People seem to struggle to grasp that the air being heated and the air being used for combustion are totally separate!

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